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Contemporary singer-songwriter. Acoustic covers with original style.

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The Value of Music

Music has always been my passion, but it took experiencing both the joys and pains of life for me to realize the true role it plays. The right song at the right time can light up the dark, healing and opening the heart, mind, body, and soul. The value I pursue with music is connecting meaningfully with myself, others, and life itself. It is my belief that “music is the language of the soul.”

About Me

I followed my passion for music after going through a tough time in my early 20’s, and finding that music truly is the language of my soul, with the power to pull me out of dark places when I need it. The idea of being able to create music with that type of effect for others in need is what drives me. I’m entirely self taught, and began my music career in 2015 by booking bar and lounge performances around Central Illinois (most notably Ulrich’s Rebellion Room in Peoria, IL). I moved from Peoria, IL to Scottsdale, AZ in 2016 to explore a larger market for singer/songwriter acoustic entertainment, and quickly established a residency relationship with high-end lounge The Montauk. I performed brunch and evenings multiple times per week for the first year, which led to regular bookings for private events throughout the valley, and helped build the venue into a location for dozens of musicians to showcase their talent on a monthly basis. 

While Illinois will always be my roots, I have enjoyed finding a new home in Arizona. As of mid-2019, I have been hired to perform in 11 states (as well as the Caribbean), ranging from small private events to supporting efforts of major organizations including State Farm, Southwest Airlines, the Special Olympics, the Arizona United Way, the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame, among others. I look forward to adding many more to the list!

My Style and Favorite Performances

I focus on writing my own music, as well as re-creating recognizable pop songs, with an up-beat original acoustic style that is both energizing and chill at the same time. My go-to sets can be considered “original covers,” though I also write and produce my own original music in my home studio. 

I have performed in many different settings, and the ones I enjoy the most are meaningful events where I can help create a positive and fun atmosphere. Weddings, anniversaries, fund raisers, honorary events and celebrations, - pretty much any event where the host and attendees want to create memories that will last a lifetime, and want my help bringing the experience alive and into the present!


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